Gender equality

Much is talked about women empowerment and gender equality these days in our country but the actual situation is quite different. Every now and then, we hear the news of rapes, molestation, child abuse, domestic violence, dowry deaths, kidnappings etc. I wonder where our society is heading towards ? No doubt, our country is developing economically and is fifth largest economy of the world but our social fabric is showing a constant and slow decay. Morality has vanished in thin air and greed has crept in. Some distorted minds feel women are objects of desire and gratification. The condition of urban women has improved due to education and economic independence. But still they have to cope up with pressures to maintain a healthy balance between home and office. These women need a good family support which will lessen their burden of work. But unfortunately they are lacking this support due to nuclear families. These working women are stressed and they find it hard to keep both fronts upto mark.
But the condition of rural women is still worse. They are usually uneducated, ignorant, backward and hardly know about their rights. They work from dawn to dusk to support their families. They look after their family, work in fields with their men, look after the cattle etc. They slog really hard to improve the economic condition of their family. They don’t take proper care of their nutrition and work hard as a result are under nourished and frail. They have no decision making power and are usually subjugated by the male members of their family. A lot needs to be done by the Government to improve their conditon. Otherwise the gender equality and women empowerment will remain mere hollow slogans which will do nothing good to the fairer sex.
Suchetra Sopori