Why gaps in quality education?

We have a vast network of 903 universities, 39090 colleges and other educational institutions but what are the reasons in not coming up of most of our students at par with the levels of excellence established on world class basis? Have our educational institutions been just reduced to impart education strictly as per syllabus with an eye to prepare students for annual examinations? What are the levels of our research and advanced studies to go beyond the prescribed books and attending studying lectures and instead aspire for excellence and eminence?
We know that India has been a place of high learning for centuries where scholars from far and wide were coming to learn. Nalanda and Taxila , the historically acclaimed places have been symbols of high learning of the subcontinent. Even now, we have the privilege of having a good number of students from many foreign countries studying in our universities and learning in different disciplines.
President Ram Nath Kovind has very recently touched these sensitive issues of concern while speaking at the 15th Convocation of Symbiosis International University and hailed the idea of the Government for at least promoting twenty institutions of our country of higher education as “institutes of eminence”. The yawning gaps in quality and in attaining world class excellence across the spectrum are there which needed to be filled up. The institutes of eminence must be granted recruitment and curricula flexibility in order to reach best-in- class global standards. The President hoped that in addition to first few of these twenty institutes going in for competitive process, there would be future rounds as well.