Gangbugh School building

Antagonism  galore within the spheres of planning process , though on micro level, could be seen in our Education sector where a Middle School at Gangbugh in the outskirts of Srinagar is functioning in a rented building while construction of the building for the school has been left mid- way. Astonishing part of the problem is the time factor, in the sense that the construction of the School building was started in the year 2005 and 13 long years have passed without anyone trying to break the inertia.
Most of the students who had the enthusiasm to utilize this building could not do it  and by now must have been matured enough in age and experience to feel  as to  how many more  would be carrying it with them as a dream unfulfilled.  Lighter vein apart, it is absolutely unbelievable and shocking part is, that despite many residents having approached various “Haakims”  of Education Department about this building , no one has bothered to do anything about it .The Cock and Bull story , the same funds, contractors , bills , non utilization of funds shall make spins and the matter ends there.
The other picture of the matter is that just for 35 students, there are 9 teachers including 6 general line teachers, one ReT, two RRTs and one   Head of the institution of this School of three classrooms. It means for every 3 students there is one teacher. At least, this School is establishing a highest benchmark of the ratio of teacher- student mix . We cannot express more concern over total recklessness and disarray in the management of the issue by the concerned Department but expect results at an early date , now.