G20 Presidentship A responsible role for India

Brij Bhardwaj
India will be playing a crucial role in 2023 when it assumes presidentship of the G20 group of nations. It will be after a long time that India will get an opportunity to influence the world events and also make the voice of developing nations heard across world forums. G20, a group of the worlds’ largest economies, plays an important role in shaping world events. It not only helps in shaping economic policies but also influences political events.
India’s stand was spelt out by Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he spoke of *Vasudeva Kutambham”, or one earth, one family and one future. During this period G20 will have to deal with important challenges facing the world like impact of Ukraine war following Russian invasion and challenges of climate change. India has close ties with Russia and will obviously try to bring about a ceasefire so that negotiations get started to end hostilities, which not only have the potential of becoming a larger conflict but have also affected the economic climate.
It will be after a log time that India after assuming presidentship of G20 group of nations will get an opportunity of shaping the world events. The emphasis will be on shared future for the world. The recent events have not only created an energy crisis affecting all major economies, but also created a situation in which fears of recession as well as high rate of inflation have become a real threat.
Agreed that threat of use of nuclear weapons in conflict by Russia has not materialised but there is a serious threat of food crisis as prices of essential items have risen and many poor countries face serious threat of starvation. The European nations, which depended on Russia for import of natural gas to heat homes are finding it difficult to heat homes in coming winter months. Even essential items like toilet paper are in short supply.
Thanks to the deal brokered by United Nations , wheat supply from Ukraine has been resumed following agreement with Russia. But continuation of conflict leading to future crisis can not be ruled out. As it is, enough damage caused by nine months old war is very extensive and will require billions of dollars to repair it.
The slow down of world economies has also made it difficult to find resources for war against climate change. Current indications are that the developing nations are facing crisis as current changes in climate have started affecting food production and also leading to more cyclones, floods and general warming up, which is leading to melting of glaciers . Unless action on climate front picks up, serious threats will develop for poor nations.
The crisis provides an opportunity for India to play a leading role by helping to end conflicts in Ukraine and make sure that tension is reduced and a joint effort is made to meet the goals set for checking climate change. In this war poor nations like India who have just started to build economy can not be placed on same level as developed nations. The war against climate change has to be financed by developed world by providing funds as well as technology .
Long time ago India led nations of Asia and Africa in struggle for freedom through peaceful means like non-violence . Now task before it is of working for peace and war against climate change as leader of G20- group. India has taken up presidentship of G20 group of nations at a crucial time and what we achieve in the coming year will help in keeping our planet safe and healthy as there is only one.