Futility of Words

This has reference to the writeup’Beyond Words’ by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (DE, Apr 8, 2018).Words are the building blocks of the verbal language and crystallised forms of the thoughts that come to our mind.They are the tapestry of our culture and  traditions.They are used to convey our thoughts to the listener but there are times when words are too inadequate to convey our thoughts and emotions properly and  meaningfully to the listener.Through the beautiful and philosphical writeup, the learned spiritual Guru has beautifully highlighted the futility of words in certain situations.He has rightly said that we live in words from morning till night and even during sleep,sometimes we utter words.Thus, in a way, we are obsessed with words every time.Though sweet, kind and encouraging words have a positive and refreshing impact on our life, majority of the words that we use for others or others use for us everyday hurt us and come to our minds again and again and prevent us from enjoying life in all its fullness,sublimity and beauty.Thus, we can say that there are situations when words cannot express true emotions and feelings such as love, beauty, gratitude, compassion, grief etc.It is in these sitiations that our inner silence is louder and more powerful than words in expressing the reality of the situation.For instance, words fall short in describing the grief of a wife who loses her husband in the prime of her life or the joy of a mother who  meets her child after the child being kidnapped or the intensity of devotion of a devout person who surrenders fully to the ways of God.Similarly, there are no words to describe the sublime emotion of love and affection that children feel on meeting their father who has been away from home for long time, say 7-8 months .Thus, words can’t always explain what is going on deep in your mind.In such situations,body language, eyes and  a sweet and innocent smile say much more than words can.Therefore, we ought to speak words only when they are necessary and only those which are sweet, positive,powerful and pregnant with meaning.The writeup is truly enlightening and worth reading.
Yours etc….
Ashok Sharma,
Housing Colony, Udhampur.