Frequent transfer of Dy Commissioners

In the civilized societies of the world, capability, dedication and honesty of its law enforcing officers is appreciated and rewarded. But the case seems completely opposite in the case of district Kathua where the dedicated, honest, performers and capable DCs are frequently transferred for the reasons best known to the department or to those who are behind the curtain. The people of the district are surprised as to how these officers, who launched a crusade against encroachments and illegal mining in the district have been reciprocated with frequent transfers and strangulation by the vested interests having an easy access in the corridors of power. With the result, the Kathua people have been deprived of the honest and dedicated services of its five DCs in a short period of nine months. These out going DCs of the district Kathua spared no efforts in making liaison with the gullible people of the district and addressing their problems during the public durbars. The people of the district have full confidence in the working and dedication of the new incumbent in the district administration. Transfer of the employees is a part of successful administration but transferring head of a district suddenly is a bad decision. No doubt the services of the capable and honest officers are needed everywhere in the state but the way the DCs from district Kathua have been transferred send a wrong signal to the hierarchy of the intelligent officers who will never like to serve at Kathua. The Governor of Jammu and Kashmir is prayed to please intervene in the matter and direct the bureaucrats to encourage the honest officers so that they can dedicate themselves for the duties they are meant for and donot fall in the trap of such elements.
Shiv Kumar Padha