Freedom from Art 370 has kindled youth aspirations: Dr Jitendra

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh speaking to media at New Delhi.
Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh speaking to media at New Delhi.

Excelsior Correspondent
New Delhi, Aug 7 : A day after Article 370 was revoked with a majority vote by both the Houses of Parliament, Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh  said here today that the very realization of freedom from Article 370 has kindled youth aspirations across the State of Jammu & Kashmir.
In a media interview today, Dr Jitendra Singh disclosed that since yesterday, he has been receiving a series of phone calls and messages from different parts of the State and different sections of people, all of whom sound highly optimistic and boosted by the historic decision. He said, the large number of messages and phone calls received by him are not from any particular community or particular region, which in itself is an indication that barring a handful few with  vested interest, the 125 lakh population of Jammu & Kashmir is jubilant over this path breaking decision.
Dr Jitendra Singh said that Article 370 had given rise to  unreasonable mental barriers and reiterated that it had led to isolation of youth. While the youth of Jammu & Kashmir always lived with a subconscious feeling that they were different from their peers in the rest of the country, the youth in the rest of the country also tended to assume that the youth of Jammu & Kashmir were on a different page, he said.
Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi,  Dr Jitendra Singh said, India has opened up incredible new avenues for the youth of the country, which are from today equally as much available to the youth of Jammu & Kashmir without any intimidation, interference or intrusion from any quarter.
Recalling the words of Home Minister Amit Shah spoken on the floor of the Lok Sabha yesterday, Dr Jitendra Singh exuded confident that it will not take more than five years to see the visible positive outcomes of the abrogation of Article 370 which is going to turn a new leaf in the growth and development of the State.