Free set top boxes for border residents

Better late than never, as the saying goes, the border residents of the State are shortly to get free set top boxes from the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting as we had highlighted the importance of the sensitive issue in our edition of February 13 this year. The need for this was long felt and is much required to counter the malicious propaganda from Pakistan through its TV programmes which as compared to Doordarshan’s terrestrial coverage had effective coverage range with better sound and picture quality.
It is a welcome step though taken belatedly and the process is expected to be started on June 19 in respect of distribution of these devices. It is pertinent to have a mechanism to monitor the installation, repairs and maintenance to ensure these devices were in working mode. The delay as is learnt , as usual, has been on account of no prompt and adequate response from the State Government in identifying the targeted population, and other steps of the methodology of distribution of these boxes . All is well that ends well as the stage is all set for the long awaited job.