Framing buildings bylaws by Municipalities

Master plans and buildings bylaws having been framed for the twin capital cities of Jammu and Kashmir but not for smaller towns which are governed by Municipal Committees and Municipal Councils means such towns ignored hence allowed to plunge into unplanned colonies and erratic manner of raising of structures with no consideration for issues like drainages , roads , spaces etc. On the other hand without a proper Master Plan and building bylaws according any building permissions by any Municipality was tantamount to accentuating the extent of violation of buildings bylaws.
This sheer non -seriousness on the part of the Municipalities having been viewed seriously by the Bench of the High Court resulting in passing directions to them to frame the requisite bylaws needs proper but speedy compliance . Buildings cannot be raised amidst fast urbanisation in the absence of how a particular city or town was sought to be developed strictly as per the approved Master Plan. Rights , civic amenities and facilities enjoyed by the main city dwellers must naturally be extended to those living in smaller towns was what was in crux conveyed by the Bench to the Municipalities. We hope that in a time bound manner but imparting necessary importance hence expeditious attention to faming bylaws by the Municipalities for towns other than Jammu and Srinagar main cities , the issue will be taken due care of.