Fractured mandate

The spectacular victory of  Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) in recently held elections in Karnataka underlines its growing popularity in the country. Its all over India presence can be attributed to its organisational skills, money power, and understanding the pulse of people of a particular region. However, it may be wrong to say that BJP’s success is due to its communal politics. The so called secularists have often termed BJP as a ‘Communal Party.’ Terming  it communal tantamounts to insulting Indian electorate who brought BJP to power in 21 States of the country. The Opposition must introspect sincerely over the rise of BJP in the country. Most of the regional parties have let down their people due to poor performance of their Minister, and not living up to the expectations of people. The BJP too falls in the same boat, it too does not work on expected lines, however, people have given it a chance to prove itself different from others. Electorate of this country are watching with keen sense of discrimination. If it does not meet the aspirations of the Rising India, it will meet the same  fate as did the Congress.
The secular parties can reclaim the space occupied by the BJP only if they do not indulge in cheap politics appeasement of one section at the cost of the other. It is only this divisive politics that has fragmated the society into different communities, and they vote on religious and caste lines. The fractured mandate is a result of this policy.
Yours etc….
Veer Singh