Formation of Azad Kashmir

This has reference to the article “Formation of Azad Kashmir ” DE 14.2.2020.
While appreciating the learned writer’s strenuous effort at collecting the details, may it be elucidated that the Muslim revolt in the Maharaja Hari Singh’s erstwhile State of J&K started in the valley in early 1930s ( My childhood ). The igniting spark came from Lahore through one,Ab.Qadir in 1931 before the formation of the N C. His infuriating speeches against Hindus led to their carnage and looting at the hands of Muslims . Hari Kishen Kaul ,appointed as the PM controlled the situation .A Commission of enquiry was set up by the imperial powers called the Glancy Commission in some other connection ,which was boycotted by the K Ps. P N Bazaz. a journalist, unauthorisedly attended it and was hooted out and boycotted against along with the commission itself by the K Ps .
C L Munshi