Forest encroachment

It is intriguing to note that  some people can encroach forest land and go further in raising constructions thereon. Forests are shrinking and species of many trees are either dead or they are under grave extinction. Looking to the increasing pressure on roads, available lands, drying water bodies, felling of trees raising of concrete jungles all contribute to the mess of environment where breathing fresh air too has now become a luxury. Instead of volunteering with the Forest Department in  planting  new trees to make available healthy gases fighting smoke, carbon dioxide etc, forest lands are grabbed and constructions are made on them. Is government machinery silent and sleeping till an encroacher  usurps the land , builds house and lives there getting electric and water connections too. How are such facilities granted and provided point to the element of corruption which does not verify building construction permission etc.
Better late than never, some action against such elements is  taken and their illegal constructions are demolished. Please keep this tempo on netting even big fish.
Yours etc….
Mushtaq Choudhary