Flexible measures of providing finances to Panchayats

Government contemplating to fully implement the benefits of 73rd amendment of the constitution of India in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir by virtue of which there will be massive flow of grants and funds to District Development Councils, Block Development Councils and the Panchayats , is a development of no ordinary nature besides being done for the first time after the same was already being implemented across the country thanks to the constitutional and administrative changes by the Central Government in Jammu and Kashmir. Separate Finance Commissions for the funding of the three tiers of the Panchayati Raj Institutions would ensure uninterrupted flow of funds to enable these institutions speed up the developmental works. The modalities for setting up of such commissions being worked out and coming into force are connected with District Development Councils getting properly organised and elections to the Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons completed after due process for the same. However, the said developments would be construed as half baked in case Ombudsman was not appointed for these institutions at the earliest to supervise over the working and keep a watch over how funds were spent, whether there was full transparency and no diversion of funds took place. The Commission would be the routing mode through which grants and funds from the Central Government and the UT Government would reach these institutions.