Flaws in NDPSA investigation

To ensure that under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, a foolproof and well built prosecution case based on facts and witnesses was mandatory to get an accused due and deterrent punishment, how can a vital aspect that of seizure of the drug be not recorded and presented to the court has caused the Additional Sessions Judge Jammu take a very serious view in a case related to the above mentioned severe offence. On perusal, the CD file or papers related to Section 3 of the Evidence Act, the court pointed out several flaws in it. Strictures have, therefore, been passed by the court against the Investigating Officer and even against the Executive Magistrate. The SSP has, therefore, been directed by the court to enquire into the entire matter of a reckless and casual approach in the concerned case by the Investigating police personnel where the two accused had been arrested with the contraband substance.
There were other several lapses too found by the court in the case under reference . To tackle with the menace of sale and trading in drugs and narcotic substances, which has assumed alarming proportions in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir, a severe , strict and committed policy includes at the top, building up of the prosecution case in such a way that those really found involved in this trade of poison got no relief or reprieve but a deterrent conviction only.