Fixation of new pension

Please refer to the letters titled,” Fixation of New Pension”published in your paper on July 17,2018, where under the pensioners have raised strong objections against the complex procedure prescribed by the government for revision and fixation of pension in light of recommendations of 7th pay commission. I do agree with the authors that the procedure prescribed by the Government is very cumbersome and not in favour of the old and fragile pensioners.
It is true that there are some pensioners who had retired from the district and province other than that of their present residence. How can a person of eighty years of age belonging to Rajouri or Poonch district contact personally his/her DDO located in Leh Ladakh or Kargil and vice-versa ? In this way, many pensioners will be unable to get the benefit of this provision. Recently,a number of old pensioners told me to know about the procedure and I found that some of them are unable to travel while some have turned partially blind and deaf and unable to locate and contact their DDOs left may years back. In this way this procedure is not suitable for most of the Pensioners and hence, needs to be modified.
To my knowledge revision and fixation of pension in light of recommendations of 7th pay commission need basic information about the pensioners like date of birth, date of retirement, basic pay at the time of retirement, basic pension and so on and all such inputs are available with the office of Accountant General as well as in the PPO/GPO available with the Pensioners. Thus,it is advisable that the task of verification of facts should be entrusted to the concerned treasury officers so that the the Pensioners could get any benefit of the provision.
O P Sharma
Bagnoti, Nowshera