Fighting terrorism

Without mincing words or resorting to any sort of exaggeration , any other country otherwise having been victim of terrorism for decades without any counter retaliation or strong resistance to the trouble, would have never allowed a ghastly terror attack of 26/11 on the financial capital of the country gone without proper and suitable reckoning. Recalling the horrible day when Pakistani marauders sailed all the way in Pakistani boats from Karachi right up to Mumbai , holding the financial Metropolis to ransom for three days and ruthlessly mowing 166 innocent persons, men women and children, and destroying properties worth hundreds of crores of Rupees, was the biggest ever terror attack on this country. We as a victim country, did not retaliate but kept on sending dossiers after dossiers and beseeching the terror sponsoring country “to take action ” against the conspirators . While remembering those innocents killed, hailing from this country and quite a few unfortunately from some other countries as well , Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid homage to them as also to valiant security personnel who attained martyrdom while ”dealing” with the Pakistani terrorists, nine of whom were killed and one caught alive .
Since the entire scenario to deal with and look at the scourge of terrorism has undergone a paradigm shift in India , the Prime Minister made it clear that this country was now ” fighting the terror with new policy and process” as the “wounds of that terror attack cannot be forgotten”. This country and the countrymen shall always remain indebted to the security forces who, while fighting terrorism, even lay down their lives so that we remain unharmed. That is why the Prime Minister said, “I bow down to our security establishment involved in foiling big terror strikes like 26/11..” He recalled their superb role of defending our borders too.
Terrorism is such a challenge to the very concept of free and civilized society that the time has come to unreservedly delineate its root causes and evolve strategies globally in combating it to its finish. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has undauntedly been mobilising world opinion against this menace and now, most of the countries have started feeling the heat of this malaise and thus acting sternly against those involved in such activities which cut at the roots of personal liberty, freedom of choice, safety and security of people across the globe. It is such an enemy which strikes in ambush, treacherously and in most of the cases, the victims and the places of attack face an element of lightening like surprise and abrupt shock. Putting theories like it being rooted in poverty, poor economic development , social cleavages , exploitation etc are nothing but distancing from the real diagnosis of this global threat to peace and individual liberty besides diversion of massive resources in dealing with its various ugly facets .
26/11 is such a day, fresh in the memory of the countrymen when a siege was laid to our country’s financial capital by 10 terrorists at the behest of Pakistan and twelve years down, one great success of the country on account of employing the “new policy” against terrorism that for years in a row, excepting some parts of Jammu and Kashmir especially the valley, nowhere in the country could their nefarious designs succeed . Recent incident at Nagrota, however, is indicative of Pakistan unabatedly pursuing its policy to sustain and promote terrorism which in the words of the Prime Minister is being fought with new policy and process.