“Fighting” Modi Raj like British Raj

Shiban Khaibri
Drawing incompatible , antagonistic and incongruous analogies , besides being tantamount to literary goofs are manifestation of frustration which blurs one’s way to see through things with clarity and keeping employing strategies which instead of yielding some positive dividends were sure to boomerang. And for finding escape routes for self-invited failures and finding faults with those who were innocents as also sincere, innovative and hardworking can never be appreciated except by a coterie of sycophants , adulators and fawners. The words of time tested wisdom speak that in case you cannot change the direction of the wind , you must adjust your sails to always reach your destination need to be heeded again only by the wise persons.In his first attack on the Modi Government, after the historical drubbings at the hustings , Rahul Gandhi said that Congress faced a pre- independence like situation where “it could not find any support from the country’s institutions”. “There was not a single institution in the country that was going to support you , not a single one , it is like the British period when not a single institution supported the party , yet we fought and won, we will do it again….”, was what Rahul Ji lament fully boasted.
Cannot it be very accurately said that the problemin entirety with most of Indian politicians arises only when ‘not in power’ and once in , all problems automatically vanish which are faced by the people. The problem, nay the dilemma, which the oldest political party of India is in, relates to denial by people , now for the second time after 2014 , to hand over the reins of the Government of the country to them. What to do till 2024 when the Congress Party , like most of the desperate opposition parties , would again try their democratic luck which means to most of them to rule and enjoy the cosiness of power, is the main question.
Those who had a chance of watching a well-cast, directed and produced Hindi movie “Ganga Jal” can easily recall the scene where an honest and a fearless Superintendent of Police had not only to fight criminals and goons but even those few, who in the Police Force were “kind ” to them. One of his such Deputies , time tested ‘friend’ of the king of goons not only informed the ‘Boss’ of the Gang about the arrest of his criminal son by this brave SP but was very kind in sharing his fears with him as a token both of sympathy as well as fears, “panch din ka remand nikalnabhiusskayliyemushkilhai” or it seems very difficult for him to go through the five day (ordeal ) of police remand . If this analogy in its substance is applied to the post peoples’ massive mandate to Modi , it would more or less land at the same fears as expressed by the said Deputy. If it is not so , what is meant by comparing Modi Raj with the British Raj?
This writer would not subscribe to the general view that such statements were given in frustration and needed not to be commented upon as people treated them the same way as inventing a machine which would be fed with raw potatoes as raw material only to get gold metal instantaneously, from the other side . Or even, the famous one , “Make me the PM, I will have the sun rise not from this side (East) but from the South”. Now, how is ModiRaj akin to the British Raj is not known to the Congress President as Modi Raj is the result of a constitutional and democratic process while as the British (ers) were foreigners ruling this country. Rahul Ji laments of not a single institution had helped them under the British rule and in the same manner, not a single institution (under Modi Government) was “helping” them.
Under whose ‘Raj’ has the concept of moulding and influencing institutions been put to practice, hardly needs any mention but which institutions were not helping him and what help did he and his party need should be clearly spelt by him and his party. What has happened to which institution , where and when – must all be detailed out, once for all and in all probabilities, the matter taken to the court . We are tired of hearing “to protect our constitution and institutions” with a request not to take more trouble as the constitution in itself has provided for, as to how it could be saved, protected and honoured.
Is it a threat or a bamboozle , if not an act of chicaning that ….”We will not let the BJP have a walkover in Parliament” . This in itself denotes as to who was or were committed to undermine or violate institutions . The more ruckus and pandemonium created in the Parliament over a drop of a hat and mostly without any reason, was going to boomerang as people have grown matured enough to see through the tricks and how such noises, disruptions and sloganeering were wasting precious time as also their hard earned money . ” You are going to shout a little more than usual ” , Rahul Gandhi said to his 52 MPs – denoted that he was determined to fit in that role only for most of the years to come thus instead, paving the way for more easy ‘walkover’ for the NDA in the elections of 2024 and thereafter. ‘
If the Government and the Election Commission did not take note of what the Congress President told his elected MPs, it must do it now as he reminded them, “….You are probably the first people in this country’s independent history, who have fought a poll not against a party but against every single institution in India.” We have institutions like Parliament, Legislatures, Supreme Court, Election Commission, Niti Ayog, RBI, Universities, Scientific Research Institutions, Prime Investigating Agencies and hundreds of institutions. How and why should he claim to have fought against these institutions and since he cannot just for fun speak such words , the matter needs to be probed. He exhorted his 52 MPs to fight every inch like a pride of brave hearted lions (again) to protect India’s constitution and institutions.” Whom does he blame for all that Congress under his stewardship has got reduced to ?
He must learn that “all blame is a waste of time . No matter how much fault you find with another , and regardless of how much you blame him , it will not change you . The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off you when you are looking for ….reasons to explain your unhappiness or frustration.” Therefore, who does not want the Congress not to continue to be “an effective opposition to defend Constitution of India”, as exhorted by the CPP leader Smt. Sonia Gandhi? That is no issue . The real problem with “them” is to chalk out an agenda for five years as TukdayTukday Gang, Award Wapsi Club, Not in My Name League, Lutyens Elite Club of writers and opinion makers and the like’s efforts for 2019 expedition have proved not even the proverbial damp squib, people have just reduced them to an utter naught , not to mention as how even the soil of the sworn enemy of the country was used and the invisible support therefrom too solicited to defeat Modi but that could not happen thanks to the matured awakening of the Indian voters to save this country and its rich culture and legacy.
“I want to hold them by the collars saying “You Idiots”, type of condemnable reaction to the peoples’ verdict against his ‘appeal’ to defeat Modi and BJP coming from a flustered ex Aa AaPian Yoginder Yadav and many dejected politicians despite their repeated entreaties and desperate attempts to brainwash the matured Indian voters , cannot obviously pass these 5 years at ease and must manufacture new slogans , invent new fears, discover new horrors, research issues for coming on roads and agitations, fudge facts and overstate and amplify weaknesses etcwhich, much more than the government , the people must resist, oppose, thwart and decide with their votes whenever and wherever an opportunity arose. The nefarious designs would fail exactly the way the hyped experiment of so called Mahagathbandhan collapsed , perhaps never ever to re-experiment.