Fight against Covid-19

Credit goes to our great scientists who worked day and night and succeeded in making a vaccine against the dreaded Corona Virus. Ahead of most of the countries India has taken a lead, quite righ in time and January 16 became a historic day for the people in India. PM of India has launched India’s vaccination drive and it is victory for the country over the pandemic Covid-19. In this connection proper calendar has been out lined for the inoculation of the vaccine among the people. Frontline workers viz-a-viz doctors, paramedical staff will be vaccinated first. The States and the UTs have also followed the suit simultaneously. There are some people who spread false remours among the people against the vaccine but people are wise enough and have to protect themselves from such forces, rumours mongers. The vaccine is quite safe as is observed in the recent drive. The people should maintain discipline and safety measures as the task is large that demands cooperation from the people in this exercise of vaccine inoculation among the masses. The fight against the Coronavirus is final and we are hopeful that this dreaded Covid-19 will end soon and all of us would feel composed.
S N Raina