Festive season and traffic rules

We are passing through festive season since last over three months. The biggest festival of Deepawali was celebrated a week ago with lots of love and fervours coupled with colourful illumination of lights, extensive cleanliness drive and plenty of sweets and decorative earthen lamp in markets.But on the other hand, a of huge and long traffic jams were spotted that deterred smooth movement of vehicles to do shopping and visit relatives for distribution of festive gifts.Though good number of traffic officials were deployed to ease out traffic congestion,we need to co-operate with traffic officials by following traffic guidelines.It is obvious that ever-increasing vehicles on roads may lead to gradual upward trend of traffic jams in future.
In light of this fact, there is an utmost need for commuters to have awareness about traffic rules.The commuters need to develop habit of availing paid parking while shopping during festive season.It will certainly result in smooth flow of traffic and minimize chances of obstructions.I feel by following these traffic rules and extending co-operation to traffic regulating agency, we all can celebrate hassle-free festivals with fervour, love, harmony and togetherness.
Lokinder Singh Ravi,
Adarsh Vihar,
Sainik Colony (Etxn), Jammu