Ferozpur Nallah

This is in reference to Save Ferozpur river by Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat ( Daily Excelsior May 14).
The author has referred to me as the victims in the article. One important matter I would like to share is that it is not about having the power in hand, but how you use that. I, and other activists, who keep on knocking the doors and beating the drum to wake these Government officials believe that any problem that exists in Jammu and Kashmir is either because of the incompetence of Government officials or because of corruption or because of their dead conscience. It has been rightly mentioned in the article that they hardly care for the environment and do a formality for fetching handsome salaries. Dumping site in Nallah Ferozpur, where the Municipal Garbage is dump, has no approach road and the over filled tractors are required to pass through the water which affects the downstream people seriously.
I have lodged grievance on JK grievance online website which is posted with misleading comments by the concerned Deputy Commissioner. The concerned DC is aware of our protests, writeups, newspapers, campaigning and all activities J&K RTI Foundation is conducting for the protection of this natural source of water, but unfortunately it seems that the DC cannot feel the pain of the people who are required to drink this polluted water and that too because of the District Administrations negligence. The officials never visit the site to ascertain the situation when the environmental laws are being flouted brazenly.
Irfan Banka
Chairman J&K RTI Foundation and Save
River Ferozpur Movement