I feel more confident as an actor, says Amy Schumer

LOS ANGELES, Apr 23: Amy Schumer says she has become more confident in front of the camera.
The “Trainwreck” star said the experience of simply being in films and has helped her improve.
Asked if she feels more confident going into her third movie (“I Feel Pretty”) in a leading role, Schumer told Collider, ”As an actor… God, I don’t know. I guess so. You just learn stuff from doing it. The first time you’re on camera, you’re like ‘I got this’. And then you do this, and it’s scary until you do it so much.”
“I feel confident as someone who… I do a good job on set. As an actor, I feel good because of my training and because I have people around me who I really trust, I don’t have yes people,” the-36-year-old actor added. (PTI)