Feature film Mata Rup Bhawani being released on June 28

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 12: Kashmiri feature film on Mata Shree Rup-Bhawani is releasing on June 28 after completing shooting. The final shot of the film was taken at Mata Roop Bhawani Temple, Tirath Nagar Talab Tilloo today by Athrot an organization of exiled artists who are committed to reconnect Gen-next to its roots.
Mata Shree Rup Bhawani a Kashmiri feature film has been written by Kanwal Peshin a renowned writer, poet and actor. It has been produced by Athrot and supported by SAST and Alcrobew. The concluding bhajan was shot at Shree Alakh Sahiba Trust, Mata Shree Rup-Bhawani Temple Tirath Nagar, Talab Tillo Bhori, near here after performing pooja -archana of Mata Rup Bhawani an incarnation of Goddess Durga.
The pooja was arranged by SAST headed by CM Dhar in which large number of devotees participated. The theme song of film will depict entire story in musical form and shall be released separately with waakhs of Mata Bhawani. The film is an effort to reconnect KP generation next in exile to its roots and a young father being played by Kanwal Peshin is telling his teen aged son Abhimanyu Peshin the story based on life history of Rup-Bhawani who was incarnation of Maa Sharika 16th century era to 17th century she was born to Pt Madhav Joo Dhar of Khanekai Sokta, Srinagar popularly known as Dedh-mear in 1621 after Mata Sharika was impressed by his devotion at Sharika Peeth Hari Parbat. Mata Sharika asks him for a wish and Madhav Joo Dhar requests the Goddess that She should take Avtaar in his home and Mata blessed him. She later takes birth at Madhav Dhar’s residence and waakhs speak a lot which has been woven in the script like a thread by the writer.
The final Prayer meet was organised at Rup-Bhawani temple where all trustees and executive body including cast offered flowers. This film is being directed by Pradeep Pandita, Associate Director and casting Director, Arvin Tickoo, Music by Ravi Bhan sets by Virji Sumbly, costumes by Bhoomi Human Welfare Society and Jatinder Jotshi Camera by Ashish Raina,Production Managed by Surinder Raina and Vishal Raina make up by Pintoo Bhat editing by Kashmir Sing. In this film around 45 artists are performing.