Fashion trends pressurise you?

Agrita Chhibber
“Like season changes, fashion also changes. Youth today is not very aware of the worldly affairs, as much they are aware of the current fashion trends.”
On the visible side the world is fighting major crisis and finding solutions to make the world a better place to live in. But, on the other hand there are teenagers who silently suffer, for not being able to cope with emerging trends. As far as fashion trend is concerned, I believe “it is a way to express yourself in a more refined and bold way”. It should clearly speak your language that is the language of a master and not of a subaltern.
If you want a green sign or a sign of approval from others to be yourself, then you need to change that attitude. Take the control of your preferences and comfort. Do what makes you feel confident and comfortable in your skin. In order to keep up with the trends people hit the subscribe button to keep an eye on the bygone and emerging trends. Elite class would even attend fashion shows to get the first hand experience of the latest trend. Fashion is a very dominating language in the current era, it makes the world listen to you.
Get easy and let go off the fashion trends by following these ideas.
Do not feel stuck. Fashion trends come and go with every passing season. The 90s trend will get back in the 2020s trend alert. Fashionistas keep reviving different trends by mixing up various colours and patterns in order to cater various demands. Brooches are now back in trend, initially they were to be found in your grandparents drawers, now men have brought them back in vogue. Various stars were seen wearing at award parties.
Create your own bold identity with your own fashion trend. Make comfort your fashion identity. Colors and patterns that appeal you should be your pick. Buying something you saw a popular blogger wearing it won’t always be your right fit. Choose colors and prints that express your inner personality. Go for bold or decent patterns accordingly. Let your inner self breathe through you dressing.
You choose to stand out! When you are not part of the fashion trend there are chances you are going to set a new trend. While the world chooses to follow the trend and end up becoming each others photocopies, you choose to style your own self and be a trendsetter.
Confused as in what to wear? Jump to basics. Believe me they are never out of trend and actually sets the trend. Pair your blue denim with any plain looking tee and then see, how it turns out to be. Wanting to be someone else is a waste of time, be true to yourself and respect your choices.
While it’s a good thing to be trendy, but it is equally important to see if that piece is what you really need? Blending a particular pattern or a fabric in your way will seem more acceptable and avoid all kind of negative reactions. Movies are a reflection of society and it depicts how dressing keeps on changing from time to time.
“2020s winter look was all about pherans. They were witnessed all over the Instagram and on the streets. Our store was in fact, flooded with the variety. Many customers even got them customized with tilla and thread work. It is a bliss to serve our customers” by Love the Wardrobe. “The house of CHITRAN deals in hand painted sarees, suits and dupattas. The brand came into existence two years ago. What was a hobby became a full time profession. We paint on different luxurious fabrics, but at the moment our organza sarees are in huge demand. Thanks to celebrities like Kareen Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty etc, who made this pattern so popular. A lot of hard work and time goes into the making of each piece. We customize every single piece according to our clients specifications. We are lucky to have clients who are encouraging and very appreciative of our work” as told by Chitran
We all have a personality that world doesn’t see make that visible with your own styling and confidence. Style your mother or grandmother’s saree or any piece of fabric of your choice. Today’s dresses and sarees are not merely outfits, but a whole attitude of the current generation that is very prominent today. Fashion without any doubt makes you feel connected with the people around the world, still it gives you a chance to display your individuality. Fashion is not merely dresses and scarfs but they also carry the essence of stylists beliefs.
You are never too late to follow a trend, but do not get late to choose yourself first. The only way to move beyond societal pressure is to wear it with the confidence.