Farooq’s demands of autonomy, talks with Pak irrelevant: Kavinder

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Aug 3: Senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister, Kavinder Gupta today pooh-poohed the demands raised by NC leader, Dr Farooq Abdullah seeking autonomy and talks with Pakistan claiming that both these issues have become redundant and have no meaning under the present context as far as J&K is concerned.
In a statement issued to media, the BJP leader said that Farooq is still living in fool’s paradise as the situation on ground has fully changed with the steps taken by PM, Narendra Modi in the last three-four years as Pakistan has no relevance in context with the present scenario in J&K because today there is one point agenda of the Modi Government and that is carrying out seamless development and providing avenues to the people to prosper and become well of as Centre has shown them the path to live a life full of dignity and pride, and shun the violence and other anti-national tendencies which acted for decades as the barriers of their progress.
He asked the NC leadership and for that matter other Kashmir-based parties to stop day-dreaming as PM Modi will never let their anti-India stances become a reality. He said that Farooq should have understood by now that India is in no mood to listen to his sermons of resuming talks with rogue Pakistan because this demand of NC leader doesn’t fall even in the last row of the things which India will be doing in the next few years. He asked Farooq Abdullah to come to terms and forget about the past because it is not advisable to live in the past when the future carved out by PM Modi is full of opportunities and a promising life for one and all in J&K.