Farmers advised to sell red gingelly in regulated markets

COIMBATORE, May 16: With remote chances of price increase in the next three months, farmers have been advised by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University to sell red gingelly upon harvest in nearby regulated markets.
An econometric analysis carried out at Sivagiri Regulated market by Domestic Export and Market Intelligence Cell (DEMIC) of the University revealed that the price for red gingelly seed would rule in the range of Rs 50 to Rs 53 per kg till June and continue at the same level for another three months.
DEMIC said gingelly crop is usually sown from Jan-Feb and July-Aug in Tamil Nadu.
Currently Jan-Feb sown crop is under harvest and arrivals have started, it said.
Oil millers purchase red gingelly in April-May from Andhra Pradesh, from May 15 to November from West Bengal and during July-Sept from Karnataka. They blend gingelly purchased from other States with Tamil Nadu produce to get good quality oil.
Considering this, farmers have been asked to sell their produce upon harvest, DEMIC said. (PTI)


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