Faiz was no Bridge

To describe Faiz as a bridge between India and Pakistan is contrary to the facts, Daily Excelsior 21 January 2020.
He conspired against India in 1947. In the formative years of Pakistan, Faiz and General Akbar Khan were together on a mission to shape the destiny of Pakistan according to their vision. Many became part of their mission on the way. However, these two were always together in their missions apart from Akbar’s wife Begum Nasim Akbar.
They first collaborated in the formation of Azad Kashmir and later were leading actors in the planning of 1947 invasion of Kashmir. Both of them were present in the meeting, on 12 September 1947, presided by Liaqat Ali, then Prime Minister of Pakistan, to chalk out the plan of invasion of Kashmir.
Faiz Ahmed Faiz played an important role in drafting the “Declaration of Freedom” document of Azad Kashmir. Sardar Ibrahim, first President of Azad Kashmir, was in constant touch with Faiz before he became President of Azad Kashmir.
Communists and a section of Army officers led respectively by Faiz and General Akbar Khan planned to overthrow the Government of Pakistan at a meeting held on 23 February 1951. The meeting was attended by many civilian and army officers. According to the planned coup d’etat offered by Khan, both the Governor General and Prime Minister were to be arrested; the Governor General was to be forced to suspend the Prime Minister and his Government. And after the dismissal of the Government, Khan was to form the new Government which was to organize general elections in the country. This is popularly known as Rawalpindi Conspiracy.
The Daily under the editorship of Faiz, was to provide editorial support to the new Government.
Faiz was fond of perfumes and used to say during trial ‘Khushbu sunnat hai and I am a part of the Islamic civilisation’. To term Faiz as a secularist is only an imagination of those fond of his poetry.
Prof. Suresh Chander