Chidambaram’s outburst

This refers to news item NPR nothing but NRC in disguise-Chidambaram’ on page 7 of your newspaper dated 19th Jan.
As for as I remember Chidambram was Home Minister in UPA-2 in the year 2010, when NPR exercise was carried out for the 1st time in India. I still remember the day and date on which an official of Govt. visited my house in Jammu to complete the formalities of NPR. He asked some information, filled up in a form and even gave me acknowledgement (part of the same form). That acknowledgement is still available with me, his name written on that. How shamelessly, the same man, Mr Chidambram can discredit the same NPR exercise now in the year 2020. When he was in power and getting this exercise done, it was justified and for the benefit of Indian public. And now since he is not in power, the same exercise is unconstitutional and what not. What to say of Mr Chidambram , even the then PM Dr Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi are criticising/opposing this exercise of NPR, only because they are not in power.
Surinder Gupta