Fading Reading Culture

The growing use of social media has affected the reading culture in our country. There were times when people loved books. There used to be libraries, big and small, in almost every neighbourhood. But now the growing use of mobile phone and social media sites like You Tube has broken this connection between the reader and the book. So much so that we now hardly find people in the young generation interested in reading books. The younger the children the more addicted to social media. The feeling of holding a book in your hand is not something that most of the young generation individuals are aware of. There is no denying the importance of social media in today’s age as a mode of information. But relying on social media for information has its drawback too as the information there is mostly not authentic. As against this, books are a reliable source of information, besides being a good pastime. While books take one close to the nature, unnecessary use of social media is a cause for depression. It is also taking people away from their families. Last but not the least the Government must play it’s vital role for the revival of book reading culture by establishing as many libraries as possible.
Mool Raj
Bhagota (Rivera) Panjsoo