Exploitation of school children

It has become a trend that every Tom and Jerry is in a race to float an NGO or social organization to serve  the cause of common masses, but in real sense the agenda behind it is to gain cheap popularity. Some are just working as advertising agencies of Government’s policies, which are comfortably propagated by the Government agencies themselves and funds also stand allocated to the concerned agencies for the purpose. Many of such NGOs or social organizations are utilizing the readymade crowd in the shape of school children to inform them about  the policies of the Government and these school children are badly utilized by these so called social activists with the criminal consent of the school authorities.  The school authorities in one way are breaching the contract of teaching by allowing the children to be exploited by these self promoting groups just to gain popularity with zero contribution in many cases.  It is right time to stop  exploitation of these school children by NGOs and social organizations and the parents of all the children should warn these institutions not to allow their children to be exploited  for other activities other than  education.
Yours etc..
Mahadeep Singh Jamwal