Exploit tourism potential of Sidhra Golf Course


Golf , one of the oldest sports known is not only a game guaranteeing a physical and mental fitness but fun and amusement too though labelled as restricted to only the elite and therefore is often called a Royal Sport. However, times are changing and tastes , perceptions and attitudes too are coupled with the affordability. Golf, therefore, has a propensity to get popularised among those who would feel shy of going in for a long hit to put the Golf ball in the targeted hole. However, since only members can take part in Golf sport , it has, therefore, limited scope of a larger participation. Jammu too can provide the best opportunities and facilities for its promotion though it cannot be elastic in its scope of accommodating beyond a reasonable number of members /players. Tourism angle in it has got to be explored and necessary infrastructure, therefore, provided. Existing infrastructure as such needs to be made conducive for tourists. Golf Course at Sidhra commissioned in 2011 can groom budding players as both on ground and off ground , it has all the facilities. The Golf sport can be made attractive for tourists visiting Jammu by having more of such grounds made as Golf grounds as Jammu topography has potential for it . Further, changing and amending rules and procedures for temporary members (Tourists) even on day to day basis could give a new fame to Jammu Tourism.