Expedite work on Rainawari bridge

Dumping the construction material at the site for construction of Latti Bridge in Rainawari area of Srinagar is only what is the level of “progress” of its construction recorded and seen , the approval for which was accorded more than a year ago. The authorities have neither appeared on the scene to “see” whether work had in fact started nor any construction agency of this small project involving an estimated cost of Rs.14.33 lacs has moved ahead in the matter.
The bridge at Mir Behri in the interiors of the famous but neglected Dal Lake in Rainawari area is carrying lot of importance for the residents of the area as decades old wooden bridge, currently used, is in a dilapidated condition and needing immediate replacement by a concrete bridge. It seems strange that despite repeated contacts of the residents with the concerned authorities has not resulted in starting of the work on this bridge. Thus, as many as sixty thousand residents of the area are put to discomforts. It may be recalled that in 2012 one Janta Bridge had collapsed right in the presence of Additional Deputy Commissioner and other officials as also some security personnel and were injured. Before any untoward incident takes place on account of the existing wooden bridge being unable to cope up with the load over it due to the traffic movement , it is hoped that the State Government, especially the R&B Department and the Lakes and Waterways Development Authority initiate the process of construction of work on it at an early date.