Expedite bunkers’ construction

While shelling on intermittent periodicity continues from across the border along the Line of Control (LoC), border dwellers in Poonch feel insecure due to the work on construction going at abysmally slow speed. The villagers in particular from Shahpur, Qasba, Degwar etc have lamented that while they came to know about the decision taken by Modi Government to construct community/ individual / family bunkers along the border in Jammu and Kashmir State, at the same time till date no such bunkers have been constructed in the villages under reference.
The border dwellers have narrated to ‘Excelsior’ their apprehensions and fears on this count and that they had been confined to their houses and were unable to move about for hours at a stretch under the fear of getting killed in firing. The studies of their children suffer as they cannot go to their schools for days together . Teachers too feel scared to be regular in reporting in such schools. These residents feel that the bunkers could provide them a lot of relief if constructed with the required speed.
It is beyond comprehension that while construction of bunkers has been sanctioned and the cost thereof decided to be borne by the Central Government, why the construction work is not being undertaken and avoidable chances taken with the security and safety of these border dwellers as one does not know when and at what time, the rabidity of shelling from across the border would become “active”. We strongly urge the State Administration to speed up the construction work of these bunkers , the thrust being on individual bunkers more than the community bunkers.