Exclusive!: “Upcoming Dj’s should have good knowledge of Music Production,”- DJ Annsh

In today’s world, we have seen numerous people following their passion and getting into the music industry, but only a few managed to create a place for themselves. DJ Annsh is undoubtedly one of them.


DJ Annsh, aka, Ankur Shakya, always had a knack for music and had creative ideas. When asked about what is the important factor to survive in this ever-changing music industry, DJ Annsh says that one must have their own style, something different from others which would help them stand out. He adds that one must find their own niche and work towards it.

Talking about his journey into producing, DJ Annsh says that it is very much essential for all DJs to know music production as it will help in clearing concepts.

So, if your dream is to become a DJ, get into music production and make the crowd groove to your tune and crave for more, DJ Annsh has one simple piece of advice for you. He wants the upcoming DJs to master at least one instrument as it would be the first step in finding your niche.

“ The young artists and Dj’s taking up the field should have a basic knowledge of music production that will always help them in getting their basics clear. One major element for a DJ is that they should know atleast one instrument nearly to perfect when it comes to playing that instrument. It is a difficult field but hard-work in the right direction can put you in one of the best places in the world,” Dj Annsh said in his interview.

Some of his celebrated projects are Remix of ‘Dance Monkey’, Feel Your Love vs Manma Emotion Jaage, Sooraj Dooba Hain mashup, Milegi Milegi-Afghan Jalebi Mashup and Kar Gayi Chull Mashup. All these projects are available on his official website. These mentioned songs are a must that anyone will listen in the parties across the country. Without these songs the parties looks incomplete. This is where Dj’s come into picture and complete our parties to the best with their innovations and song playing style.

There have been several individuals are taking up Djing is their profession. However, they don’t get a lot of support from their families. But one should have a strong determination and an eye towards his aim. This is enough for anyone to become one of the top stars in the field of Dj’s

Meanwhile, Annsh plays a mix of EDM, Trap, Progressive, Bollywood and Remixes along with cutting-edge Originals. He produces his own mixes and has worked with top clubs in the music industry and many exciting artists. His numbers have grabbed the eyes of audiences and are the most regularly played songs on the dance floor across the country.