Excessive sand mining and Jehlum river

Veth or Jehlum river embankments are violated and ravaged on a continuous pattern despite the concerned authorities having “banned” movement of heavy machinery and vehicles on it. Diggers, tippers, trucks and other vehicles continue to ferry mined sand on temporary roads cut through the banks of this historical river flowing through the city of Srinagar but which has lost its splendid sheen and shine due to its blatant exploitation, pollution and neglect.
Its banks stand wantonly damaged for robbing the river of its sand treasure and making quick bucks, the sand mafia is wilfully forgetting that in the process, their greed and disregard to this river have caused nearby areas prone to face avoidable floods and also have dwelt a tremendous blow to the bases of the affected banks of this river which only until two or three decades back, was never exploited in such a ruthless way and sand mining was unheard of.
The sand mafia, in connivance with some law enforcing personnel, are proving enemies of this river, considered as lifeline of the people till a few years back, of ecology, of flora and fauna and hence beauty of Kashmir towards which this river has in its own way, been contributing a lot .There must be reasonably adequate sand in the river bed to act as a buffer and in its absence, the velocity of the river increases leading to erosion of the adjoining banks and causing flooding. Even bridges standing on it are threatened to be severely damaged. The authorities must look into this unchecked and unabated sand mining at an early date so that Veth or Jehlum, the pride of Kashmir is saved.