Ex-Ministers must vacate bungalows

It is against propriety, contrary to established norms and totally unwarranted that former Ministers should continue to occupy Government accommodation even after more than a year’s demitting of their office. They do not even are MLAs as the State Legislature was dissolved last year. How can they legally, ethically and morally continue to occupy bungalows and that also, at both the capital cities of Jammu and Kashmir? Bread is not paid for and then it is buttered on both sides for free, incredible.
It is unbecoming on the part of these ex-law makers from both the PDP as well as the BJP that they should disregard the eviction notices served on them to vacate the houses which were neither their personal properties nor in the capacity of being authorised tenants staying against consideration of paying of rent and nor in the capacity of being public servants. It is for this type of Royal VIP culture and nursing of being above the procedures and practices by most of our politicians, the overall average esteem in the public is plummeting for such political leaders. It is argued that why should the people pay for those who are not in the Government, nor in the opposition and above all, not even members of the Legislature. Estate Department has no business to show more courtesies than required nor can the Governor’s administration allow such illegal occupying of public property by the defaulting ex-law makers who should be evicted as soon as possible.