Every single frame of a film reflects director’s politics: Kabir Khan

Time to shout for our rights: Kabir Khan on 'Lipstick...' ban
Time to shout for our rights: Kabir Khan on 'Lipstick...' ban

MUMBAI: Kabir Khan on Monday said he is ready to ignore bad acting or poor screenplay but “bad politics” or “wrong messaging” is something that he cannot overlook as a filmmaker because every frame of a movie reflects its director’s ideology.

The filmmaker said there are times when audiences accept such films and it makes him sad but all he can do is try and present the contrary view through his cinema.

“As a filmmaker and even more as an audience, I can forgive bad screenplay, music and direction, writing and acting, but I can never forgive bad politics.

“I feel really sad when sometimes films with really wrong messaging get critical acclaim and a lot of audience support. I feel terrible about it. I can’t do anything except let my own films give a contrary point,” he said at a panel discussion on ‘Cinema as an agent of change’ at the JIO MAMI 21st Mumbai Film Festival with Star.

Recent releases such as “Kabir Singh” and “Joker” have divided critics with their skewed messaging, sparking debate about their director’s point of view.

The “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” filmmaker said the term politics is often misunderstood as something that relates only to political parties but the word has a wider meaning. (AGENCIES)