Every entrance is important in Vaastu

Suresh S Duggar

Do you know, there are 32 types of energy fields developed in a building? If we divide 360 degree into 32 parts, then energy field develops in each of that part of 11.25 degree, a Devta is present in each of these 32 parts. What will be the effect of having an entrance door in each of these 32 parts has been described in Vaastu Shastra. We get the description of the effects and results, a person will get with door located exactly at the place of each Devta.
These energy fields are controlled by the 5 elements; their attributes change on the basis of 5-elements only. From East-1 to East-8 in the East, South-1 to South-8 in the South, West-1 to West-8 in the West and similarly in North directions North-1 to North-8, we get different locations of an entrance door.
Basically, the entrance of a building is a crucial point at which the Space enclosed by the building communicates with the Universe. The Space outside a building refers to the conscious mind, and the Space inside the building refers to the sub-conscious mind. Through the entrance to one’s Space i.e. building, one moves from one level of consciousness to another – that is, the main door represents the shift from the conscious to the sub-conscious level. Naturally the location of the main entrance of a building is of prime importance.
Once you have calculated the Entrance Locations, only then, you can match the symptoms of the building with the corresponding effects. Symptoms of the building refer to the adverse or beneficial situations being faced by the inhabitants like: abundance of money; career-success; not receiving payments on time; frequent accidents and mishaps; miscarriages etc.
Once the symptoms are found to be a 100% match with those mentioned in this technique, then by using different techniques, which basically involve Theory of Five Elements, (normally, in the form of colors, or/and metals) the negative effects of that entrance can be nullified.
Following are the effects of Entrances in different directions
Entrances of North
N-1: In such a house, the inhabitants are harmed by bad intentions of other people.
N-2: A fear of enemies, that is not entirely unfounded, stalks people living in such houses. Residents feel others are jealous of them.
N-3: This door brings lots of money for those who occupy it, and more male progeny.
N-4: This entrance ensure an abundance of inherited and/or earned money.
N-5: This entrance makes people religious, non-aggressive and calm.
N-6: The entrance makes residents behave in a manner that people generally disapprove of; people usually avoid listening to them.
N-7: Due to this entrance, grown up girls in the family dare to go beyond the traditional beliefs and culture of their family.
N-8: Such an entrance gives a higher bank balance.
Entrances of East
E-1: This entrance causes fire, accidents and unexpected losses.
E-2: The number of girls born in such houses is comparatively higher, and there is a lot of wasteful expenditure.
E-3: A very auspicious entrance zone, it brings in money, profits and success.
E-4: This entrance brings the inhabitants closer to important people in the government or with those in authority, thereby, reaping good personal benefits.
E-5: Short temperament, aggressive behavior.
E-6: Commitment failure, unreliability.
E-7: Insensitive behavior.
E-8: Accidents, financial losses, burglary.
Entrances of South
S-1: Negative effects on the son.
S-2: This entrance increases the tendency to work for others. It is good for people working in MNC’s or other such ventures.
S-3: This entrance brings immense prosperity.
S-4: Industries in such plots are highly successful. The family is blessed with more sons.
S-5: Blocked mind, debts mounting.
S-6: A door of abysmal poverty.
S-7: Total wastage of efforts, no result.
S-8: Disconnects the family from the rest of the world.
Entrances of West
W-1: Poor financial position and life span.
W-2: Unstable career, insecurity in relationships.
W-3: This is an entrance for amazing growth and unbelievable and enviable prosperity.
W-4: It offers no particular benefits or harms. Life in such houses is generally smooth. Overall, this is a good entrance.
W-5: Perfectionist and over ambitious attitudes.
W-6: Non-fulfillment of expectations.
W-7: Addiction due to loss of happiness.
W-8: This entrance affects the mentality of the residents in such a way that they do not mind adopting unfair and unlawful means for their own benefit.
(The author is Vaastu Acharya & Master Numerologist )