Every city in India has a different fashion trend, says Rocky S

MUMBAI: Renowned Indian fashion designer Rocky S believes every city in India has a different fashion trend.
The designer, however, believes the trends created by Bollywood stars binds the Indian fashion scene together.
“I think fashion in our country keeps changing. Every city has a different fashion trend and it is not that our country has one fashion trend.
“But Bollywood is one thing that drives everybody. It dictates fashion. Bollywood actors are fashion icons so whatever actor wears people follow that,” Rocky said.
The designer said he is always juggling between fashion and films. And as a creative person, he looks for work that challenges him.
“Whatever drives me I take that. I am just expecting new and different stuff be it for films or my label. Work is work.”
After having done 350 films for little over two decades, Rocky decided to go slow with his film projects. But when director S Shankar offered him “2.0” he grabbed the offer immediately.
“I took a break from films because it was getting too stagnated. For me it is about quality work. At this stage in my life as a designer, I focus more on my brand and when the project is challenging and different than only I take it up. I don’t need to do every film that comes my way,” the designer said.
Rocky, who headed the costume and styling for “2.0” said he was both excited and nervous to be part of the mega budget sci-fi film.
“You rarely get to work with a legend like Rajini sir, it was a dream to work with him. It was a challenging film. This film took two years of mine.
“I did get scared as it is larger than life film and is the most expensive films to have been made, besides this, the characters were complex,” he said.
The film, a sequel to 2010 film “Robot” has Rajinikanth reprising the role of a scientist named Vaseeharan and a robot named Chitti. While, Akshay Kumar is the antagonist, named Pakshirajan, an ornithologist and professor who is against the telecom industry.
The ace designer said he alone should not get the credit for the costumes of Rajinikanth and Akshay.
“Each look took four hours to create from make-up to hair. There is a team that came from LA, who specialises in these metal and rubber costumes. The whole team was flown down to Chennai. It was a team effort.”
According to Rocky, Shankar did all the research work but the team working on costumes also watched quite a few Hollywood films to see how superheroes are created on screen.
He said, “We did lot of research and looking at how the other superhero films looked like and what kind of costume will be required for a normal person getting transformed. Shankar had done homework for two years, before we met him. His vision was very strong and he was clear what he wanted to create.”
Rocky said Indian cinema has reached a level where films like “2.0” can compete with Hollywood, in terms of look and technology. He believes today everything has become universal and there is always a need to have a right team on board for a project.
“The technical part is very important in such films. It is a project where you can go wrong if not done correctly as it can look unreal. There is lot of money that is required to do a film like this.
“See the amount of money invested in ‘2.0’ (film’s budget is Rs 543 cr). How many people are making this kind of high budget films? A film like ‘2.0’ has opened doors to try and do something like this.”
The film released on November 29. (AGENCIES)