Evenly dispersal of development in J&K

Development of both the regions of the UT of Jammu and Kashmir must be on an even, persistent and consistent levels based on the objectives and the ultimate aim of the relevant Governmental policies. Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha alleviating fears or apprehensions on that count is a matter of quite satisfaction. However, it is also a fact that Jammu region used to be discriminated against on many counts during the rule of the successive (the then State) Governments even though there used to be fair representation in the Government from Jammu region as well. Post abrogation of Article 370 and doing away with the ”special status” tag of Jammu and Kashmir, there is no doubt that perceptible changes have starting occurring and the suggestion of the Lt. Governor to “change the mindset” of meting out indiscrimination to Jammu region, now, needs to be taken in a positive and constructive manner.
Work on Smart City Project has just started taking place and with dedicating the associated projects to the people of Jammu, the Lt. Governor reiterating that both the Governments at the UT and at the centre, with pursuing the policy of “Sab Ka Saath, Sabka Vikas” had no scope for any sort of discrimination, carries the desired meaning. Jammu division, however, is long aspiring for a transformation even if steadily and in a phased and planned manner taking place. Harnessing rich ecology in and around Jammu would go a long way in the process of transformation and projects like Smart City on a widened form can ensure that adequately. Unless people were made to think that in the absence of their active participation, much could not be achieved and hence multi stake-holders contribution in respective spheres was much solicited, desired results would fall short of expectations.
The thrust, therefore, was the need to doing away with the hangover of discrimination theory as still continued to be propounded by many. Those raising such an avoidable bogey of alleged discrimination as a routine, as the Lt. Governor put it, were unwittingly trying to undo and even fail the plans of the Prime Minister and the Government of India in respect of a vision for Jammu and Kashmir. Complete integration of the combined Jammu and Kashmir with the Centre was what was not only strived for but strategically, politically and diplomatically quite essential. We fairly know that economics plays very vital part in establishing equilibriums of different dimensions in politically organised regions and various sectors of economy, the ultimate aim of which is raising the status of living and doing away with disparities, shortages, anomalies and deficiencies hence an equitable development of all regions was paramount.
Every region, even every district, tehsil and village etc,therefore,must get fuller involvement in the journey of economic development of the UT of Jammu and Kashmir. In the process, certain pockets remaining out of the pointed focus of economic development and administrative attention in the ordinary course can well be expected but a generally established reckless approach, if not a deliberate and intentional denial of partaking the developmental process could, land again at the realms of discrimination.
That feeling of alleged discrimination could be nursed by the people leading to erosion in the measure of trust in the system. It may have been happening in the past but to carry with it in an environ of there being little scope of it under completely changed political and constitutional canvas is equally not warranted. We feel greater the element of openness and transparency getting legitimacy and credibility, the lesser were chances of discriminating one region against the other or having such feelings getting ingrained in minds.
Economy of Jammu is destined to get some boost on account of the tourism industry getting energised due to commissioning of new projects numbering 14 and involving a cost of Rs.113 crore in respect of Smart City projects, the foundation stone of which was recently laid by the Lt. Governor. After all, the ultimate and immediate touchstones of an ideal governance is how it became instrumental in providing better public services promptly, improving the status and the quality of life, local development avenues and access to their utility and Smart City Projects are promising to provide that to a larger extent, as is envisaged and hoped by the Lt. Governor as well. Accelerating the developing process was concomitant of prosperity and economic growth aiming at changing the face of conventional inertial approaches. Hence, various projects inaugurated are hoped to be completed in time to give a new definition and shape to developmental process in Jammu and Kashmir.