EU foreign policy chief vows to work with UN in defence of multilateralism

UNITED NATIONS, Mar 13: The European Union’s foreign and security policy chief Federica Mogherini on Tuesday vowed to work with the United Nations to uphold multilateralism.

“The European Union and the United Nations were born out of the same founding idea after the two world wars: the idea that in order to avoid yet another catastrophe, we need to have a multilateral mechanism, a mechanism to work toward win-win solutions as the only alternative to a new continental and world war,” Mogherini told the Security Council in a debate on UN-EU cooperation.
“This idea is still valid. And over the decades, our elective affinity has grown even stronger. There is a ‘European way’ to peace and security, and it is identical to the ‘UN way’ to peace and security.”
She said that it is a way that rests on mediation, peacekeeping operations, sustainable development, the protection of human rights, humanitarian assistance and the respect for shared rules.
“Our support for the UN and for multilateralism is a choice based on our values. At the same time, it is a pragmatic choice. A decision taken in a multilateral context is by definition more democratic and more inclusive, and therefore more robust and more sustainable over time.”
“You will never hear the European Union question whether the UN serves our interests and values, because we know that it serves universal interests and values. And we know that this is a precondition for building sustainable peace and security, which is in our own ultimate interests, always,” said Mogherini.