ESRM presents 387th Nukad

Artists of ESRM during a Nukad at Jammu on Monday.
Artists of ESRM during a Nukad at Jammu on Monday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 20: Ek Sath Rang Mandal (ESRM) today presented it’s 387th Monday Theatre new progressive Nukad. “Brashtachar Aur Hum” under Monday Theatre Series at K.C. Morh, Floriculture Park here.
Corruption is acute, appalling and intolerable culture in our country. It is a fatal phenomenal illness in the society which is not under control was the theme of the Nukad. A common person is affected by corruption as it eats up the vitals of society. As he is not enough competent to pay illegal commission so he suffers. Today’s Nukad is based on the public grievances and handicaps they are facing because of corruption.
Two friends Riyaz and Shivam decide to start their joint venture with the help of banking facilities. When they approached bank authorities they are asked to collect a long list of formalities from different authorities. Both of them are totally depressed and desperate to know that this kind of commission culture can’t be avoided because it is the people who have created for their own facilities. When they approached these departments they were shocked to observe that they can not get single paper without paying bribe.
Finally they approached a senior citizen and asked him to guide them. He explained them that corruption has spread it’s roots all over the country and it is incurable disease which has gripped the entire society.”It is not that authorities have not tried to stop it, he said. In 1947 an Anti Corruption Act was passed, fallowed by 1988 and 2013 amendments. In 1988 another Bill was passed that a person giving bribe will also be prosecuted along the bribe taker”. But unfortunately resolutions and slogans are not effective as corruption is not under control.
In the Nukad a person informed his friends that he got all his papers cleared by paying commission. Senior citizens conclude and advise the youngsters not to lose heart and never abandon their plans but should start a war against corruption. This menace of corruption is so alarming that it is difficult to make our country and society corruption free. “We all have to think and analyze this big question that why we are asked to pay commission for our genuine work”. All of them were convinced and satisfied with the suggestion of senior citizens. “Our young generation can do it and create a history by their strong voice against corruption” the senior citizens suggested.
Actors who acted were Happy Gupta, Raju Mad, Shallee , Kavita, Angel Samreena Jan, Ketan Raj Sharma, Ujwal, Udit Sagar and Vijay Malla.