Erratic water supply in Channi Himmat

Apropos news item “Com Secretary PHE reviews functioning of SCADA, online billing system appearing in Daily Excelsior” on Dec 6, 2019 Channi Himmat Residents Association (Regd) expresses its deep anguish over flouting of instructions of high officials vis-à-vis supply of water in Channi Himmat Housing Colony. Though on our representation through jkgrievance web portal the then Chief Engineer on 10th May 2019 had passed on instructions to their subordinates to notify and adhere to the water supply schedule but the said instructions are being blatantly flouted by operational staff of PHE and there is no time schedule for water supply (sometimes midnight) forcing the residents to awaken whole night waiting for supply and switch on their electric motors as in entire colony the supply water does not gain height of even two feet without water pumping motors.
In a meeting of association presided over by its president V.K.Grover it has been resolved to request the Government through Com Secretary to get his orders regarding regular and timely supply of water enforced. Supply for 20-30 minutes a day can by no means be treated as adequate, timely and regular supply. The residents desire that till SCADA system is implemented two times supply a day for duration of at least one hour each be implemented.
Raj Kumar Gupta
General Secretary
Channi Himmat
Housing Colony, Jammu