Eradication of corruption

Widely spread malice of corruption has endangered the entire spectrum of the society and the Govts as well. No sector of the Govt has been left untouched of its effect. No one is sure of fair and square dealings at any corner. What else can be more sacred then examinations where doctors, teachers, judges, IAS/IPS and many more administrative heads are examined to hold pivotal posts to run the Govts, are also maligned and disturbed due to leakage and involvement of factors like favouritism, nepotism and the evil of corruption. It is travesty of justice that the leaders who actually run the Govt aren’t examined any where and as a result, they fail to do, what they should do.
The politicians of different shades speak differently to weaken the nation. Self interests and party interests are considered more important than national interests. At lower rungs of administration, prevalence of corruption is boundless. Expecting anything to be got done without paying, is like a fool’s paradise. Almost whole society has got paralysed due to this evil. The wave of dissatisfaction prevails everywhere. The recruitment system has also failed to do justice to even to genuine and deserving candidates. Uncontrolled prices of essential commodities, particularly, the Medicines, has shaken the backbone of an average man. What pains more is the fact that only, rich, educated and well placed gentlemen are seen involved in such muddy activities. One who pays, gets, regardless of one’s ability and eligibility. To dispel the fog of corruption a strong spying system, fully milk-washed, is needed to curb such practices. Corruption is a social economic malice. It is a sort of moral turpitude when morality dies, corruption arises.
If the situation continues unabated, the day isn’t far when it would become irremediable. If the Govts sincerely desire and determine to eradicate it, no impossibility exists. But alas ! the party system adopted, doesn’t allow drastic steps to be taken due to apprehensions of losing/displeasing the voters.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)