Eradication of corruption

No amount of words spoken together can adequately describe the slur of corruption. Obviously, any discussion to get rid of it becomes meaningless and disgusting especially for those who are neck-deep in this mud. The reason is very clear that all human beings, more or less, are selfish by nature. It is only the fear of law and sin which enables one to refrain from such evils. Corruption also means misuse of one’s powers. Where morality doesn’t exist, corruption prevails. Dishonesty is broadly condemnable since the dawn of the civilized life. It is ignorance of human beings.
Even heaps of wealth do not earn peace of mind or glory in this world. The last journey of life has to be treaded singly. Only good or bad deeds done on this earth accompany the soul in the solitary journey. Corruption is a social and economical malice which affect a society.
It is an act of immorality, dereliction of duty, highly illegal and sinful. Both law and morality joined together can only minimise its flow. The existing scenario, almost in all organs of the Government, is displeasing and heartbreaking. What is required by law and morality is often not done without corruption. India has marvellously progressed in all spheres since independence. What is left undone, is only eradiction of corruption which is constantly eating the vitality our life.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)