Environmental Policy for J&K, but when?

More than drafting documents and papers laced with flowery words and other paraphernalia in respect of how environmental concerns could be addressed , what is more important about the issue must be seriously identified. That in other words denotes, creating the levels of mass awareness and a deep realisation of where in a most environmentally fragile zone are we heading towards on account of wantonly exploiting and virtually destroying the natural boons and resources , due to breakneck speed urbanisation, pollution of our rivers, lakes, water bodies, the air we breathe , generating of waste material and disposal thereof , deforestation, conversion of fertile agricultural land to commercial uses and the list is endless.
Not only should dangers ahead for our very survival be made known right from schools , colleges to other institutions and all areas of activities where people converge but a comprehensive all encompassing Environmental Policy be prepared wherein valuable opinions from different experts, scientists, environmentalists, stake holders etc must be obtained. Implementation process is all the more important and rather mandatory if we have to preserve Jammu and Kashmir in its pristine natural form besides for cardinal reasons , for tourism industry – the backbone of our economy, to sustain and flourish. It , therefore, means moving beyond the present status of the already prepared Environmental Policy document towards its implementation scrupulously by employing a participative and targets oriented approach. If we cannot, now, desperately save natural things on which we depend and thus are in a position to live, the alternative is only to perish. We must, therefore, read the writing on the wall.