Encouraging proposed steps for star players


Those of the players from various disciplines of sports who by dint of their performance bring laurels to the UT and the country in the pursuit of competing in sports events at national and international levels , while hitherto were generally feeling not duly ”recognised” , if not neglected altogether, may now onwards not think on those lines. It is because of the fact that not only has the recruitment process for Government jobs of such outstanding players been streamlined as per a decision taken by the UT Government but lineated the procedures for posts of Gazetted and no-Gazetted cadres which are to be 5 and 25 respectively in number. It is a matter of satisfaction that an inertia engulfing the process since 2014 and posts earmarked under the category lying vacant stands broken as these posts are now destined to be filled under the new process shortly. The eligibility criteria for both the cadres having been notified in details, any domicile of Jammu and Kashmir excelling in the sports events as per the standards fixed, stands eligible for such appointment. Now, such an incentive should further motivate the existing sports talent , expected to be in abundance in various disciplines in the UT, to exhibit their best with intent to win top positions / medals preferably in international events and not only generally in top national competitions.