Empowerment of J&K youth

Prof. P L Kaul
Youth is the future of our Nation. It is investment through education in these young minds that will determine the course of their future and that of the country and the world. We need to empower our youth with the knowledge of skills that will enable them to find their place in tomorrow’s World. Each period of man’s life has its own specialities. Childhood is known for its innocence , adolescence for spurt in growth and for dreams but youth is the best period of life , because it is full of energy, enthusiasm and will to fight and win over difficulties and to take bold initiatives. Youth is the strength and life line for any nation. Young minds alone can solve the problem and generate innovative ideas and resources to confront the challenges. Young population is the true maker of a society. We have the greatest youth power to exercise, the values, morality and ethics for progression of peace, prosperity and development. Youth is a power house to generate ideas and resources to confront the future challenges. Under the leadership of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ,Jammu and Kashmir , is moving ahead on the path of progress and development, keeping in mind the expectation and aspirations of the youth
The youth has to play main role in Government’s developmental agenda and as such several reformative measures are being taken by the Administration to address the concerning issues of the youth and utilising their full potential for developing a peaceful and progressive Jammu and Kashmir.
J&K. youth have priorities to get jobs, to become entrepreneurs, access to skill based education, good governance, elimination of corruption and to lead a healthy, peaceful, safe and secure life. UT administration has assured that the continuous efforts are being made in different sectors to provide a conducive system for proper channelization of youth power by creating a host of opportunities in the field of education, employment ,health care ,security and many other avenues There is no dearth in talent in JandK but it needs good grooming and we have to encourage innovations , entrepreneurship, up skilling and developing scientific temper amongst the youth right from the beginning so that they can meet the requirement of the Nation and the World. Our main focus is to empower the youth of J and K and to make them an active partner in making prosperous, powerful and self reliant Jammu and Kashmir
Host of youth oriented schemes like, Mission youth, youth clubs, women entrepreneurship programmes like Tajeswini, Hausala, Saath, Parwaz and many others , the Govt is providing a vibrant medium for youth engagement and empowerment . Mission youth is an ambitious initiative of Govt of JandK for the youth. It aims to provide skill development training, professional counselling, employment opportunities and other avenues. Youth in the age group of 15 to 25 are engaged. It covers youth of all 20 districts of Jand K. with setting of youth centres. Mission youth is headed by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha and for which Rs 200 crore funds has been approved by the Central Govt towards the mission and Rs 100 crore has been contributed by the UT in the mission, taking total funding of Rs 300 crore. UT is witnessing industrial revolution which will go long way in creating jobs and sustained livelihood opportunities for the local population and youth. With Rs 28,400 crores worth new industrial development scheme, approved by Govt of India up to year 2037 will attract huge investments into J and K and Govt is aiming at providing employment for at least 10 lakh youth .The govt is appreciative of providing funds to the tune of Rs 2386 crore for education and sports which itself speaks about the Govts’ commitment to bring out the best talents to the fore front. It is urged upon to the youth to stay away from drugs and other social elements which are being smuggled into JandK to destroy the growth of our Youth and we need to tackle this menace collectively. I call upon the youth to use their talent for the good of the society and contribute in nation building.
(The author is In charge Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, UT, J&K.)