Empowered women outnumber men voters in ULB elections

Enthusiastic women voters posing after casting their votes in Science College area of Jammu. -Excelsior/Rakesh
Enthusiastic women voters posing after casting their votes in Science College area of Jammu. -Excelsior/Rakesh

Govind Sharma
JAMMU, Oct 8: Women voters outnumbered men in the Phase-I of the Urban Local Bodies polls held for Jammu Municipal Corporation and several Municipal Committees today.
This correspondent visited many polling stations of Jammu and its outskirts like RS Pura, Akhnoor, Bishnah, Khour, Jourian and Ghou Manhasa where women turned out in large numbers to use their right to vote.
Women were seen jostling with each other to form multiple queues to be the first to cast votes. “We vote because it will ensure better facilities to us,” said Komal Sharma, a voter of New Plot, adding women today are more educated and know very well the importance of their vote.
Neelam Kataria, an educated house wife from Janipur area said this time women participation is more as compared to men and there are many reasons for this, including greater empowerment and awareness among women. “Women are now deciding whom to vote for on their own, while earlier, their husbands or fathers would ask them to vote for a certain candidates,” she added.
“In my opinion, holding back a vote is a sinful act. Earlier, many women do not come for voting as they did not know the importance of their vote. But they know today that every vote matters. That is the reason, they are turning up in large numbers to cast their votes”, said Bhavna Choudhary of Jewel after casting her vote.
Sweety Jyotshi of Karan Nagar said that this time one third seats are reserved for women candidates and you can see the positive results of this as many women in various parts of the city are either contesting the elections as Independent candidates or on the tickets of the political parties. This has also boosted the morale of the women voters, she added.
“Women candidates can understand the problems of the women better than men and to ensure that women candidates win their seats, we have come out to cast our votes,” said Naina Gupta from Talab Tillo.
Shakila Begum (50) while standing in the queue outside a polling station in RS Pura town said that she never voted in her life but this time she and many other women like her have came to vote for BJP only as Modi Government has done a lot for the welfare of women. “It is due to Narendra Modi’ vision that today in every household in rural areas, there is an LPG connection”, she added.
Similar views were expressed by Lalita Sharma, who had come to cast her vote in polling station of Ward No 7 of Khour. She said that it was in BJP Government that every household in urban and rural areas has a toilet and now women feel safe, proud and not ashamed. This rush of women voters is for Modi, she remarked.