Employed sans degrees verification

That it can happen in Jammu and Kashmir State is puzzling if not shocking, that as many as fifty employees engaged in a vital wing of the Planning Development and Monitoring Department for the last  six years,  appear to be insulated from the mandatory requirement of their education qualifications having been cross checked and verified.
To add more confusion and haze to the entire issue, the Crime Branch to which the matter had been referred to, has pleaded its “inability” to be equipped with any mechanism to consummate the task. It seems ludicrous that the said investigating agency should, in writing communicate the same and make it clear to the Directorate of Economics and Statistics. It is bemusing and baffling that the authorities have preferred to sit over the matter, perhaps to allow dust settle over the entire matter to get it obliterated from the scene and memory.
The matter refers to Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board making selection of 87 Junior Statistical Assistants in Kashmir Division cadre. Out of these, degrees of 43 candidates had been referred by Services Selection Board for verification to  the Crime Branch of the Police Department or other concerned agency or institution. Appointment orders were to be issued only to 44 candidates out of the total of 87 candidates as per the recommendations of the Government but all the 87 were appointed by the concerned Department.
How can the rider and the prerequisites of the Services Selection Board and the State Administration Department in the subject matter be afforded to be blatantly ignored? Besides, what action has been taken in the entire issue remains to be seen. Since the matter is of a very serious nature, we shall be following it up till it reaches its desired logical end.