Empanelled ReT aspirants demand implementation of court orders

Rehbar-e-Taleem aspirants staging protest in Srinagar on Tuesday. -Excelsior/Shakeel
Rehbar-e-Taleem aspirants staging protest in Srinagar on Tuesday. -Excelsior/Shakeel

Excelsior Correspondent
SRINAGAR, June 25: Empanelled ReT (Rehbar-e-Taleem) aspirants today protested against the Government, demanding the implementation of the court orders regarding their regularization without any further delay.

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Scores of such aspirants said that the administration was deliberately delaying the process of their regularization for one reason or the other despite court orders.
“At times we are told that they will conduct the screening test, we challenged that in the court and court gave judgment in our favor, but nothing happened so far,” said Mehbooba Akhtar, one of the aspirants.
“Then they came up with some other reason to just avoid the issue. We are now over age; we couldn’t even go for higher education. Our career has been destroyed,” she added.
The aspirants rued the official apathy by saying that the administration was not taking them seriously at all.
“The court orders in the regard have not been implemented; we have got the individual judgments in our favor as well. The administration is saying that they will do. We don’t know what is hampering the process of our empanelment,” she said.
The aspirants said that they are struggling from 2010 due to the non-serious attitude of the administration while saying that some have started developing health issues.
“We had submitted panels as ReTs in the department-the tentative selection lists were also released. But since then, the administration is playing jokes with us,” she said.
“We demand that the governor’s administration should look into the matter and help us in getting justice in this regard. If that is not done, we will commit suicide in the next protest that we will conduct,” she demanded.